It's like rush hour on Brome Street

It's like rush hour on Brome Street

Isobel's at the barbeque

Fred's helping out with the ball-bounce game

Harry has a go at bouncing and catching

There's an announcement

Isobel's moved to the bottle stall

Apple and Pippa turn up with the dog

There are a few Ferraris

A cute little Abarth Fiat 500

There's a nice 1970s Lancia

There's a really unusual miniature camper van

The odd campervan has a tiny engine in the back

A very 1983 Lancia

Another 1970s car

Fred stands by the real version of his Lego bike

A collection of Italian bikes and mopeds

The Pommarola pizza van is in operation

Fred's next to a 1999/2000 Ferrari

There's a dude with a camera on Lambseth Street

Crowds hang around outside the town hall

The Royal British Legion flag-bearer is in place

Someone's got an appropriate tie on

Another view past the town hall

The streets have been blocked off for the occasion

The ceremony kicks off

The deputy mayor reads out a pre-amble speech

The official proclamation is read out

There are three cheers for the new king

Bruce from the Handyman packs up the microphone

An Eye Piggy Tail Trail pig