We go for a walk up the path behind the estate

We go for a walk up the path behind the estate

The truffle-hunting dude heads off

There's an olive grove up the hill

A view over Arezzo and the aquaduct

The path's route marker

There's a proper old Fiat Panda at the start

Harry's watching the terrapins in the park again

There's more flag-waving practice

More flag stabbing

We walk into town for a Sarracino pizza takeaway

There's some sort of barbeque on Via Colcitrone

A massive flaming barbeque fire pit

A stage is set up on Via Colcitrone

Back at the street-side fire pit

Isobel and Stefano hang out by the pool

All the kids are in the pool

There's some big delivery for the winery

Harry looks over as we have a spot of lunch

Lounging around on the a by the pool

We head out for a walk up to Arezzo

We're at a café on Via Francesco Redi

Shop door sign

Isobel pays the bill

Via Francesco Redi

Fred has a drink on Via Guido Guinicelli

We trudge up Viale Bruno Buozzi

There's some sort of outdoor antique market

There's a cool 'super diesel' sign for sale

We walk past a load of cool antique furniture

Harry stands on a flat tree

Harry sits on a tree and has a think

Fred shows off some cubing moves

An Italian moped

Graffiti and bins near the cathedral

There's a nice view from the park

An Arezzo suburb

Harry has a go on the swings

Stefano's family house

On the steps of Arezzo's cathedral

An Arezzo back street

There's another curious painting on a wall

We stride around Arezzo

An electric green Vespa

Stefano and Isobel chat

Graffiti on a street cabinet

We're back at 'O Sarracino on Borgo Santa Croce

Dinner in the pizzeria's garden area

Stefano pours some water

Harry shows off something on a tablet

Isobel and Stefano have a quick shot of coffee

A jousting horse clops around on Via Colcitrone

A crowd surges down Piaggia di San Lorenzo

A group of Scouts or something follow up

The parade heads off up Via Pescioni

A group with spears and shields is up next

Another horse skiters around the corner

We squeeze into a gelateria

A stream of people head up to Piazza Grande

It's time for another breakfast at La Striscia

The boys at breakfast

The apartment's study

We haul our luggage over to the terminal

Fred's listening to another 'fish' podcast

It's not that exciting at Pisa airport

Isobel and Harry eat tortellini at the airport

Fred roams around the Duty Free shop

Fred looks back

A vending machine is as exciting as it gets

There are only 20 seats so we're on the floor

We have a strong feeling of ennui

The place loads up

Harry and Isobel are doing cubes on the plane

A view of a river near Pisa

The parks of London from the air

The O2 and a winding River Thames

We're back on the ground at Stansted

One of Ruinair's 737 Maxes

Border control is crazy heaving. Thanks, Brexit

Harry picks our bags off the carousel

We're at Gridserve near CHelmsford for a top-up

The gang at Gridserve