In St. Andrew's car park

In St. Andrew's car park

We walk down St. Andrew's Street

A pink dinosaur

The boys test out some cube merchandise

It's a proper nerd-fest in St. Andrew's

A mass of fancy cubes

Fred tries a 3x3 cube out

The competition kicks off

Fred's judging for Eliot

Cube muddling is required

Fred times the inspection phase

3x3 competition action

Harry gets himself a 'cube' banana

A view from the stage

One of the organisers does a video of his go

11.75 seconds is quite slow as it happens

Alice does some judging

Time for a sleep

Fred is pleased to have solved the apple cube

Stained glass in St. Andrew's Hall

A poster of Victorian superstar Clara Butt

Solving cubes on the stage

Everyone's at it

A chunky dog drools on the floor

Another organisers gets a good time in the 2x2

We head up to the city during the lunch break

A pair of K6 phone boxes

Fancy Victorian architecture on the Royal Arcade

There's more graffiti on the windows of Game

White Lion House is still derelict

Graffiti on the windows of the old Game shop

We eat sushi at Yo! in Chapelfield

Harry's got a lemon cube to solve

Another dinosaur, in Chapelfield

A giraffe-patterned dino outside Chantry Place

Eliot climbs the bike racks

The big but simple Clarks hoarding is quite striking

The door to the defunct Norwich CEYMS

Another dinosaur, on Gentlman's Walk

Jarrolds has a load of Pride balloons going on

Another St. Andrew's Church, in Bridewell

The boys pose with their cubes outside St. Andrew's

There's a micro-cube challenge

The whole family is cubing

Eliot gets ready for another round

Harry's doing a 3x3 on the stage

Two pink dinosaurs

Repeated posters on Little London Street

It's looks dark over the cat murals

3x3 winner Ryan Wu looks around

Ryan Wu works on another 6-second solve

Out the back of St. Andrew's

The cloisters of St. Andrew's Hall

Jules looks on as everyone else does some cubing

A blur of action for a head-based Go-pro camera

Down in the crypts under Blackfriar's Hall

Beckett's hall

There's been some sort of wedding in Beckett's hall