Fred at Itsu in Stansted Airport

Fred at Itsu in Stansted Airport

Hanging around the departure lounge at Stansted

The plane loads up

Harry and Fred stride over the apron

The Ryanair bus fills up

A maze of roads somewhere

Isobel and Fred on the apron at Knock Airport

The tiny airport of Knock in Ireland

Fred sits on the case as we sort a car out

A Scary Mary on the way to Manorhamilton

Fred and Isobel pick up some supplies

We head out into Manorhamilton

We eat take-away pizza in the rented house

Philly in Biddy's Bar

A lamb boings about at Philly's

Harry and Fred are on gate duty

Davida shows us one of the chickens

The day's egg supply

A patchy cat roams around

Rachel and Fred in the kitchen

The beach at Bundoran

The Salty Shell at Bundoran

Perfectly-level shale beds at Bundoran

Fern's right up on the cliff

The gang on the rocks

Harry finds a dead crab

Faith looks at the dead crab

Fred has a paddle

The group on the beach

The boys get the sand out of their toes

The derelict water park at Bundoran

Fred walks past the Lympic nightclub

There's an Easter Fair in the Kicking Donkey

Philly waits outside the pub

A shop is covered with shells

Philly on the road through Bundoran

The closed Brennan's Bar

We get burritos in Burro Burro

Mexican-style wall painting

We scoff our Mexican food outside

The derelict 'fun zone'

A surfer on Bundoran beach

Harry has a go at Hook a Duck

Faith and Davida are having a good time on Twister

Fred and Fern wait to do the Hulk ride

Hair in the air

Harry, Rachel and Faith watch the ride

We exit Bundoran Adventure Park

A whole row of derelict buildings in Ballyshannon

Demolition and dereliction

The Rory Gallagher statue in Ballyshannon

The empty Duffy House and Home

Isobel in a café

Fern roams around outside the café

A dude makes necklaces out of bog oak

The unexpectedly-fancy Dorrian's Imperial Hotel

We hang around outside Finn MacCool's bar

A derelict shop with wooden panneling

Another derelict building is taken over by trees

There's an ancient tractor parked on the street

Harry, Fred and Ra-ra cross the road

Fred lobs sticks into the river

Isobel's on the phone

Fred hangs around as we wait for Philly to return

There's another mad outdoor laundrette

Fern and the boys head into Mr G's to buy stuff

Fred and Harry play with their new things

Isobel works on her crochet blanket

The view from our bedroom

Gurn's Milestone pub is closed yet again

Harry and a 7-Up in Biddy's Bar

Harry and Faith

Isobel and Faith do a bit of arm wrestling

Harry roams around in the bar

Connolly's has closed due to retirement

We head back to the house

Isobel gets food in Manorhamilton SuperValu

Harry on the Swing at Philly and Davida's

Harry chops up some carrots for lunch

The sheep on the drive

Rachel and Fred on the gate

Fred pokes Rachel on the head

A crochet blanket hangs in a window

Milo the dog looks out

There's a horror-film thing going on

Philly heads out to walk the dog

Milo and Philly out in the woods

Philly sits down as Milo looks around

Fred finds a cool frog

The frog legs it

The Manorhamilton kitchen

Isobel does more crochet in the lounge

Stencil art on an electrical cabinet

Isobel and the boys are in the playground

Harry on a tyre swing

Derelict shops in Manorhamilton

A teddy bear advertises W8 in a derelict shop

On the streets of Manorhamilton

We walk down to a derelict church

A derelict school

Fred's on gate duty

Milo eats chicken scraps