An old garage/shed on Chapel Street in Diss

An old garage/shed on Chapel Street in Diss

A view to the back of Dolphin House

St. Mary's church in Diss

A stripey cat struts around

The stripey grey cat looks out over Diss

There's a new build going on by the Mere

A Swootman Champion Plough, made in Diss

The Greyhound Pub on St. Nicholas Street

The town hall in Woodbridge

Some very rude police gnomes at Swirly Cottage

Isobel roams around near the Tide Mill

Molly kitten climbs around

The train to New Milton waits at Waterloo

Graffiti on the trackside near Waterloo

The rebuilt Battersea Power Station

More tags on trackside equipment

Nosher's alma mater of Brockenhurst College

On the platform at Brockenhurst Station

The steps out of the station

A view of the tracks at Brockenhurst

Sean hangs out in his lounge

The iconic New Milton water tower

Bits of New Milton are going upmarket

Other bits of town are looking more derelict

The Walker Arms, formerly known as The Rydal

Jon the Hair's parents' former antique shop

There's a nostalgic trip to the War Memorial Hall

The New Milton Memorial Centre

Sean, Phil and Bernice

Hamish and Sean stride around

Hamish gives us a lift back from Phil's mother's

We visit the Hourglass for a couple of craft beers

The view out of the Hourglass

Beers in the Hourglass in New Milton

We actually visit the Conservative Club

Snooker in the Con Club

Sean cues up

Nosher plays a shot

Nosher lines up on a red

The dart board says it like it is

Sean rustles up some fajitas