Very autumn scene near Thrandeston

Very autumn scene near Thrandeston

There's some music up at Ampersand Tap in Diss

The Boy Phil's at the bar

Nosher's Lancaster model is now in the office

There's a jumble sale in the village hall

Isobel pokes around in the village hall

Isobel has a browse around

Fred has a look around outside

Fred heads back into the village hall

The term 'jumble' is quite appropriate

There's a classic and original 1960s kitchen set

There's a mini raffle

We're in Halfords in Norwich to pick something up

The market from St. Peter's Street

Looking at the Royal Arcade in Norwich

There's a drum group outside Lloyds Bank

Gentleman's Walk

Someone gets a photo of the drum group

The Norwich light tunnel

We wander down Dove Street

The famous 10Foot has appeared in Norwich

Lights on Lower Goat Lane

St. Peter Mancroft lit by sodium

An enigmatic 'fish' tag on St. Giles car park

Graffiti on Upper Goat Lane

Isobel peers into a newish Japanese restaurant

We scope the manu out in the Sundaes shop

Harry has a drink

Fred wonders why he needs such a long spoon