There's a group photo of the Cubs and Scouts

There's a group photo of the Cubs and Scouts

Outside Eye Fire Station

A young Army cadet

The Eye Fire Service team pose for a photo

The Scouts assemble on the road

The parade is ready to leave

The Mace Bearer heads to the parade

The Mace Bearer is installed

The parade marches off down Lambseth Street

The parade reaches Broad Street

The Salvation Army band plays

Scouts and Cubs gather by the war memorial

The mayor of Eye and an RAF dude

The service commences

A policeman lays a wreath

Harry and his Cubs massive

Andy gets a photo of the Cubs' flag bearer

A girl shows off her toy rabbit to the mace bearer

The mace bearer becomes a bit of a celebrity

The Salvation Army Band continues playing

The parade has dispersed

Clive chats to a Hartismere teacher

The Fabric Shop has a poppy theme going on

Inside the renovated Town Hall

A small dog looks up

A Victorian engraving of the Town Hall

The Town Hall's, er, hall

A copy of the Charter of Eye, from 1119

The Oculum in Caelum sign is a bit rusty in places

Brickwork graffiti

Eye is now deserted

Poppy wreaths at the foot of the memorial

The WI sign, as presented to the old Borough of Eye

Autumn leaves on Lambseth Street

There's a lone piper by Botesdale war memorial

The band gathers at the top of the hill

The GSB in formation, more or less

We wait for the off at the top of the hill

The band sets off, for the first time in two years

The parade winds its way through Botesdale

We overshoot the end of the march a bit

We play a couple of hymns for an outdoor service

The vicar does a reading

The band after the gig

The wreaths of Botesdale

Isobel heads over

Nosher with cornet and band uniform on

An old shop in need of repair

The bass drummer heads off