The sun rises over the sea

The sun rises over the sea

Fred heads off up the beach

Nosher casts a long shadow

A collared dove trots around

The excitement of doing the laundry

The gang on the beach

Isobel and Fred in the restaurant

Fred's minifigures collection

Fred lines up some Lego figures

The Restaurante Maurismo

An abandoned Link scooter

Fred builds a big Lego stack at Sol y Mar

There's music at Sol y Mar bar

We get some more Piña Coladas

Guitar and Djembes

We walk back past the Spar

Our 'fully equipped' kitchen

The boys bounce around in their room

Another morning view from the apartment

Fred stands next to a cactus

Harry gets some breakfast

The Spar cat hangs around

The Spar cat gets breakfast

Isobel scopes out the fruit section

We pick up some emergency picnic stuff

Harry strokes the Spar cat

Harry tries to climb into his shopping basket

The volcanoes of Lanzarote

A church and its bell

Our insectoid tour bus

Layers and layers of ash deposition

Our tour group looks out over the crater

Green water in the volcano crater

Isobel checks her watch against the bus schedule

A volcanic bay with a bunch of boats

Fred and Harry by the tour bus

El Golfo, on the west coast

Harry's on a camel

Another camel group comes in

Harry, Nosher and Isobel, taken by Fred

Isobel and Nosher on a dromedary

Fred and Harry's camel launches itself up

A view of Fred and Harry

Fred takes a close-up photo

Fred's close-up of a camel

Another camel train heads down the volcano

Some rare green foliage

A family photo

Harry gets handed some hot rocks

A bundle of hay gets stuck in a lava tube

After a while, the bundle of hay ignites

The artificial geyser goes off violently

Food cooks over actual volcanic hot rocks

The madness of lava flows

Some kind of volcanic structure

A view out over the national park

A volcanic crater with its top blown off

Isobel and Harry in the canteen

The crowded canteen of Mancha Blanca

Another view of the packed canteen

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows, Mancha Blanca

The church of Our Lady of Sorrows

The 'I Love You' bus has been haunting us

A playground is an oasis of green

Bottles of water on a wall

We stop off at the Vinos del Campesino

Semi-circle walls where vines are grown

A big prickly pear cactus

The boys look at something

A derelict warehouse

We're back at the apartment

Fred's diving gang get rugged up

Harry interacts with the resident grey cat

Fred and Isobel get some instruction

Fred and Isobel are flippered up

The divers head off into the sea

The dive group bobs around at the surface

Isobel and Fred

Fred floats around under water

Fred pokes at the sea bed

Fred and Isobel wave

Playa Chica and the pier

We hire some sunbeds for an hour or so

The sunbeds are out for the first time, post Covid

Fred and Harry wait for the taxi

Waiting around outside Costa Mar Aparthotel

Fred takes a last look at volanoes

A derelict building on the way to the airport

Harry tries to duck out at the airport

We head off to the gate

At Arecife airport

It's a rare treat as we actually get an air bridge

A Dash-8 in Binter livery at Arrecife

Fred plays on his phone

The control tower at Arrecife airport

The wibbly-wobbly runway of Arrecife

Volcanoes behind the airport

A view of the city of Arrecife

A cool view of a volcano crater

London and Battersea Power Station

A JAL plane flies past below

Somewhere near Stansted

Maintenance in the Diamond Hangar

An aircraft of the defunct Lauda Ryanair subsidiary

The scrum on board after the plane parks up

It's lashing it down at Stansted

There's a double rainbow over the airport

Isobel walks around in the rain

An optimistic rainbow over the gloom of Ryanair

Isobel on a travelator

On an escalator in Stansted airport

We're back in the short-stay car park

Back home, it's pumpkin-carving season