The boys stick a crown on Boris

The boys stick a crown on Boris

Fred has a go at mowing the lawn

Harry tries to mow the lawn, but can't reach

There's a nice double rainbow over the back field

Harry has some interesting additional facial features

Concrete is injected into some footings

Fred's got a baby chick on his neck

The kittens and Boris eat their Mog Nosh

Molly Kitten climbs out of the wine rack

Nosher makes strawberry jam in a new pan

Fred and Isobel at a Motorway services

Lucy Kitten nestles up to grumpy Boris

Boris flakes out in the boot of the car

Fred learns to do some wood turning

The results of Fred's lathe activity

Oaksmere's distancing doesn't work with their bogs

Fred's performing at a school music event

Fred with his flute

It's been a while since this view has been seen

Ming roams around by the lockers at the Crystal Maze

Tehmur waves

David outside the Crystal Maze

The gang on Shaftesbury Avenue

Outside the Crystal Maze

People disperse into London

A quick view of Picadilly Circus and Eros

Minh at Picadilly Circus underground

Funky old-school tiling at Picadilly

Picadilly Circus underground station

A view from the viaduct near Colchester