Fred sits on the bank of the lake

Fred sits on the bank of the lake

Fred and Isobel by the boatyard

Names on the slipway

Fred's in a tree, as Isobel looks on

Harry roams around

Harry by the beach

Harry strolls around near the car park

The Thoroughfare in Harleston

The bar in The Cap

Fred and Harry play cards

The Cap, formerly the Cardinal's Hat

Isobel orders some pizzas online

Epic pizzas arrive

A view through a Bull's Eye, or Pontil

A nice leather Chesterfield sofa in the pub

Harry chats to Isobel

We drop off the empties at the bar

We head off up the Thoroughfare

A closed-down takeaway

Isobel looks back

We wander off to the Harleston Co-op

Fred looks at stuff in the Co-op

Harry picks a pumpkin out

The boys head off to the checkout with their booty

A study in yellow paint