Piles of hay bales out at Thrandeston

Piles of hay bales out at Thrandeston

The Gislingham Silver Band hut has been done up

A view of a field in Gislingham

There's a mis-spelled sign in Elizabeth Court

Mike does grass skiing

Harry plays quoits

Harry flings a winning quoit

Grandad's at the bottle raffle

Grandad wins some Martini

The road down to the river

Fred does the lucky dip

There's a shiny fire engine parked outside

Sophie and Fred are in the egg-and-spoon race

Fred runs off

Soph the Roph drops her egg

Harry has a go in the fire engine

One of the firemen gives Harry a look around

Harry likes the cutting equipment

The back of a fire engine

More gear and hoses stored in the engine

Suffolk County Council's fire service logo

The other fireman enters the grass-skiing event

There's a washing-line challenge

The adults' sack race occurs

Funky squashes and gourds in a tray

Another go at the washing-hanging challenge

Isobel buys some things

Mike gets some tea

Harry has a bounce on a Space Hopper

Harry and the hopper

Fred flakes out on the grass

Brome and Oakley chairs

Harry relaxes on the space hopper

Harry bounces over to draw a ticket in the raffle

Raffle prizes are drawn

Harry wins a prize

Fred has a go on the space hopper

Andrew rolls away a roulette wheel

Oakley Hall

Fred heads off on his bike

Fred looks back on the road to Brome