The Swan's beer pump is set up in the bar

The Swan's beer pump is set up in the bar

Isobel works on a paella

Spam and John chat to the new neighbours

Colin roams around

The bike club massive

Gaz gets some food

The BSCC is still chatting at the big table

It's pudding time

There's a big pile of glasses

Fred's lost something up a tree

Lucy the kitten roams around

Clive sorts out barbequed bacon for breakfast

The boys do breakfast on the patio

Boris gives one of the kittens a sniff

Isobel heads off round the fields

Suzanne looks for remains of the old village

There's a bomb shelter hidden in the woods

Clive chats about stuff

An old airfield building with a blast wall

Clive roams around near the new chicken farm

Isobel and Suzanne pick blackberries

Isobel picks some blackberries

Clive lends a hand fruit picking

A footprint from one of the airfield builders

An old airfield track near the mink sheds

Clive checks out where one of the mess halls was

Isobel walks along the potato rows

Flat Stanley, the squashed squirrel

Grandad's driven his scotter all the way from Eye

Grandad on his mobility scooter

Grandad heads off up the road