Isobel looks back as we head off to the reception

Isobel looks back as we head off to the reception

The gardens of Fanhams Hall

A Vulcan Bomber-shaped butterfly

Isobel drops off her crocheted wedding present

We meet up with Janet and James

Wedding mingling

Guests hang out by the lake

Petay and Isobel do some phone tech stuff

The official photographer takes a phone photo

Out on the patio

Gavin and Petay make an entrance

Another phone photo

The cutting of the cake is set up

The cake is cut

The cake is hauled off

The master of ceremonies does his thing

More first dancing

The other guests join in

Isobel and Janet throw some shapes

A quiet corner of the hotel

A photo is set up

Wedding mothers

The photographer gets a food action shot

Table dancing breaks out

Someone gets pointed at a lot

Another wedding photo

Cheers for table dancing

A hug on the dancefloor

Gavin dances among the petals

Gavin does a gang sign

Dancing under an indoor tent

Disco dancing

Gavin and Petay on the dancefloor

A surprised face

Gavin really gets into it

A traditional Croatian dance breaks out

James, Janet and Isobel in the circle

An old dude prepares to join the dance

Petay and Gavin

Applause for something

Petay looks up

Some sort of Irish/Scottish jig occurs

Isobel's in a bit of a spin

The dancing continues

The hotel courtyard on the following morning

A grand 1920s fireplace

Isobel and Janet do breakfast

Isobel's got a coffee

We sit out by the lake for a bit

Fanhams Hall from across the lake

James has a quick video call

A pair of deck chairs on the lawn

We roam the corridors

Left-over artifacts from another wedding

Back in the room, we pack up our things

We see Janet and James in the courtyard

Petay comes over for a chat before we leave

Petay's 2020 Pride trainers

The Jacobean part of Fanhams Hall

James and Janet on the steps

Petay shows a photo

A purple field near the village of Barley

Isobel waits in the car

The derelict White Lion in Newmarket

A derelict pub on the High Street, Newmarket

An overgrown derelict building on High Street

Another derelict house in Newmarket

Newmarket High Street

Another view of the overgrown building

The derelict pub

A Freemasons' lodge

A statue of a thoroughbred horse

People cross the High Street