We walk through the woods at Billingford Common

We walk through the woods at Billingford Common

Isobel roams around

Billingford Windmill with its new sails

Isobel fills in the contact form

The tour of the windmill starts

A cobwebby window

Windmill gears

A cobwebbed chain

A close-up of gears

The wheels guiding the windmill's cap

Inside the restored windmill cap

A load of wound-up chain

The tour talk continues

Harry and Fred

In the windmill

The actual millstones

The big gear driving the millstones

Fred looks up a grain shute

Harry and Fred

The underside of a millstone

Looking out from the windmill

A spare millstone

The dude on the ticket desk

The shepherd hut café

Out on Billingford Common

A blue chair in the grass

We stop for a drink

The Horseshoes pub and the old post office

Isobel outside the shepherd hut

The windmill again

The boys are in a tree

Fred bounces around on the spring branch

Harry and Fred

Isobel does her phone in the woods