The lambs are out at Ickworth

The lambs are out at Ickworth

The gravel drive up to the rotunda

A field of daffodils

Fred takes a photo of an interesting flower

The cool flower of interest

The pond at Ickworth

Fred takes a photo of geese

A lamb has a suckle

St. Mary's Church, Ickworth

The pock-marked garden wall

We walk around the walled garden

The wall is at weird angles

Inside the Earl's Summer House

The gang eat a snack in the summer house

The summer house is getting a bit frayed

A summerhouse window

The view from the summer house

Harry points to an interesting scratch mark

There's some garden on the floor

Isobel heads off

Fred reaches up the wall

Isobel sits on a bench

Another distressed garden feature

The Earl's Summer House

Fred makes something

A derelict cold frame

A derelict greenhouse

More derelict greenhouses

The skeleton of a greenhouse

An even-more derelict greenhouse

The grisly remains of a rabbit

The greenhouses have curious water tanks in

Fred's leaf-boat construction

A small walled garden

Harry builds a new brick construction

Ickworth bogs

Harry's construction continues

Harry legs it

Beehives and a derelict shed

A dead tree

The articifial lake

Fred puts his leaf boat out to sea

A private house by the lake

Fred tries to rescue his boat

Fred and Harry on the bridge

A field full of lambs

The church, summer house and rotunda all in one shot

A fluffy duckling scoots about

Harry does some moves as it starts to snow

The snow comes down as Harry dances about

Back at Ickworth Church

The newly-re-roofed rotunda