The road to Thornham Parva

The road to Thornham Parva

Looking back to Earlsford Road

Some tree surgery is occuring near Bellands Way

The new B1077 link road is opened

The Harleston Tree of Hope

A pair of K6 phone boxes outside the church

The church of St. John the Baptist

Looking up to the Swan Hotel

Old Market Place

A little bit of the 1960s

Exchange Street

The Market Place

Bunting over the Market Place

The Thoroughfare

Cooper's - a traditional ironmongers

The Harleston clock tower

Sight and Sound Euronics shop

The Swan Hotel, scene of many Printec gatherings

The Hungry Cat Café

Wiskers pet shop

A run-down building next to the pet shop

Some knob has chucked a sofa in the hedge in Oakley

Nosher gets a vaccination sticker