The path opposite Belland's Way

The path opposite Belland's Way

Up on Belland's Way

Fred and Matthew meet up on a bench

The tree mural

The boys on Belland's Way

Hanging around with bikes

Fred on a bike

Harry cycles up the road

Harry roams around in the old sewage works

The boys inspect a burned-out car

The inside of the torched motor

Harry looks at the wrecked car

The skeleton of car seats

Fred points away from the burned car

Harry gives it a kick

A discarded wheel hub

The break in the wall

The derelict car

The view from the other sewage tank

Fred's got a brick

An overgrown pumping station

A discarded tank

Inside the possible pumping station

The car surrounded by a circular wall

Fred stands on a wall

Some sort of manhole

The twin circles of the clarification tanks

Harry and Fred mess around

Some other discarded metalwork

More settling tanks

More brick constructions

Harry and Fred roam around

A green tractor tyre

Fred considers his bike

Harry looks out

Fred sets off down the Avenue

The boys are back on Brome Avenue

Harry pushes his bike up the hill

Harry doesn't want to go any further

The boys outside McColl's in Eye

Church Street in Eye

The boys exit McColl's - the Blue Shop

Another building plot is cleared on Dove Lane

Harry waits on Wellington Road

A discarded road sign has been curiously mangled

The new B1077 is ready to connect