Harry and Isobel on the path

Harry and Isobel on the path

In the green lanes of Suffolk

The path up from Peter's bench

Peter Allen's memorial bench

Fred leans over Peter's bench

Harry's got double sticks

Fred makes a big snowball

Fred and Harry mess around

Isobel and Harry in the low sun

A gravestone for not-the James Woods

A particularly cool gravestone

Harry pokes at some snow

Fred looks at gravestones in the graveyard

Harry and Fred

The boys spot a dead kestrel

The pond in Thrandeston Little Green

Everyone flings snowballs onto the pond

The village pump

Fred flings some ice

Harry and Isobel

Yellow flowers blend into snow

Over in the Oaksmere's grounds

Isobel looks around

The boys mess around by the new pond

A wall of trees

Harry pokes the pond with a stick

A memorial tree for the 1943 Finger M B-17 crash

The boys by the frozen pond

Trails of footsteps

The resident buzzard flies around

A group huddle

A carpet of yellow flowers