A Return to Southwold, Suffolk - 14th June 2020

The Man has reduced the threat level to CovidCon Three, or 0.9 or whatever, so of course the World and its Dog all head off to the coast. We make some effort to actually get there before lunchtime for a change and are at least rewarded with getting there when the car park is only half full - a state which it doesn't remain in for long. At least on a beach it's easy enough to "social distance", as we wouldn't want to be on top of anyone else anyway

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Strange-looking clouds are visible outside the office window

There's scaffolding up on the Greyhound Pub in Diss

Someone's accusing the Diss Express of being a Tory-party mouthpiece

The old Diss tourist office now has a hand-sanitising station outside

Everying in Mavery House apart from the pizza shop is closed up

Morrisons petrol is under a quid a litre again

The Diss Launderette - the most exciting place around

We at the beach in Southwold

There's a bit of sea mist around when we get there

Harry claims a spot

Fred constructs a sand castle

Time for a picnic on the beach

The boys in the dunes

The sea fog has obscured Southwold town

The Albert Corry lifeboat museum gets some repairs

A nice wooden house on the beach

The gang on the beach as the sun comes out

Kites fly above a wall of sea mist

The mast of a boat seems to cut through the land as it heads out of the river

The mist clears over Southwold

The boys get buried in sand

The boat unfurls its sails

The fishing boats sails off along the coast

The sea and beach are busy over at Walberswick

The queues for the ice-cream shop

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Strange-looking clouds are visible outside the office window