More Lockdown Fun, Diss and Eye, Norfolk and Suffolk - 30th May 2020

Diss is in lockdown, and Browne's the butchers have got industrial-strength plastic barriers up. Then, we're on a walk around the Oaksmere, and then Fred and Harry are messing around with paint in the back garden

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The 2-metre queues for a 'big shop' at Morissons in Diss

The checkouts are all barricaded up

Diss is still quiet for a Saturday

Dan Dan the Meat Man is caught running errands to the van

Dan's getting the supplies in

Richard behind the plastic barricades

A customer's-eye view in Browne's

Diss Market Place

There are long queues at Diss Garden Centre

An old electric fondue from the 1970s gets the boot

The eletrically-unsafe 1970s fondue

A weed with pretty little pink flowers grows in the drive

The boys are up a tree again

More purpley-pink flowers

The boys discover a brand-new climbey-tree in the grounds of the Oaksmere

Harry wanders around with a stick

The Oaksmere is definitely closed

Harry whacks a tree, Ninja-style

Isobel and Fred are off looking at curious trees

We walk around the fields up the side of the A140

A tumble-down fence

Fred's bored already

The Oaksmere's pond

The veg garden is mostly under control this year

Fred and Isobel have a water fight

Hose action

Harry's got a water bomb

Fred pops a water bomb - the wave can just be seen on the table

Harry's got a teddy bear

Harry stands on a trestle to look around

Fred experiments with paint bombs

Blue paint explodes

Harry gets all kinetic with paint

Fred paints an old school top

We picnic in a field off Rapsy Tapsy lane

The boys by the stream on Rapsy Tapsy Lane

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The 2-metre queues for a 'big shop' at Morissons in Diss