A Trip to Cooke's Music, St. Benedict's Street, Norwich - 14th March 2020

Fred's bust his flute, so we have to visit Cooke's in Norwich in order to get it fixed. We also have a look around St. Gregory's Antiques and Collectibles on St. John's Alley, and manage to not visit Pizza Express for a change, even though it's virtually next door to Cooke's

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On the railway near Forest Gate, engineers poke around with signalling

We're on the roof of St. Andrew's car park again

Harry plays the piano a bit

St. Benedict's Street

Isobel and Fred in St. Gregory's

The former church houses a number of collectible-type shops

The church organ, hidden away

Some nice older stained-glass windows

Down in the crypt

The plain but effective nave window

The Grosvenor Fish Bar still has its collection of vintage chairs outside

Wandering off down Pottergate

Café graffiti

The legendary old-school Thorn's DIY and hardware

The gang visit the Orient Express Asian stall in the market

A melée of products

The boys have a wrestle

The Jive Aces are playing outside Lloyds Bank

One of the local 'daytime drinkers' has a dance

A ukulele moment

The Jive Aces on Gentleman's Walk

The homeless save your life

H. Samuel has closed down

The gang roam around the gaseous quarter of Jarrold's

The boys are spending a gift token up in Jarrold's toy department

There's a cool Lego model of Jarrold's department store

Bedford Street in Norwich

The narrow School Lane

Some dude checks his phone outside an empty shop on Exchange Street

The boys love it when we park on the roof of the car park

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On the railway near Forest Gate, engineers poke around with signalling