Fred's Flute Exam, Ipswich, Suffolk - 5th March 2020

Nosher takes Fred up to Ipswich for his Grade 3 flute exam, at the Methodist Church near the Wolsey Theatre. Afterwards, it's a trip to Pizza Express for some lunch.

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Fred reads a book, as we're there fairly early

Fred after the exam

Outside the Methodist Church

St. Mary Elms Church

Fred's got a bit of rocket

The old Odeon cinema on Lloyds Avenue, now a bingo hall

Umbrella in the rain

Ipswich Odeon, built in the 1930s

Newspapered-up shop

Lloyds Avenue

A wet Ipswich Town Hall

More umbrellas on Westgate Street

Wrecked office furniture in a closed-down shop

A gloomy alley off Museum Street

Museum Street

The statue of Tam seems to be sad and alone in the mud

Tam's little corner of Ipswich

Patterned blocks in a wall

An insensitively-added light on a 1928 Wm Paul Tenements Trust sign

Back of the car park

The old Snail car park has been demolished

The remains of the spiral Snail car park

Pigeons explode into the sky

Fred scares off more pigeons

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Fred reads a book, as we're there fairly early