The Star Wing Winter Beer Fest, Redgrave, Suffolk - 31st January 2020

It's Star Wing's winter beer festival over at their brewery/tap room just outside Redgrave. Featuring in the chilly marquee/beer tent are The Harvs. Nosher, Marc, Sue and The Boy Phil cycle over, although not at the same time, as there's some miss-communication about who is where and when.

next album: Snowdrops at Talconeston Hall, Tacolneston, Norfolk - 7th February 2020
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It's Chinese New Year in Diss, outside the Corn Hall

More graffiti on the way in to London

Flats, and some heavily-graffiti'd walls

The broken-down freight train that's messed everything up again

Some railway engineers poke around in Manor Park

Mental Helth graffiti

These wall ties look like cannons sticking out of an old man o' war

Repo graffiti under a bridge

The old converted warehouse by the A12

The curious little house that looks like something built in Lego

Ian Harvey, off of The Harvs, on Mandolin

Liam and Ian

Marc and Sue watch

The Boys get some chicken and chips from a van

Harry and Fred play cards

Fred's got casino chips for eyes

Harry and Fred

The Harvs do their thing

Liam and Ian

The Harvs finish their set

Sue's at the bar

Marc checks his pint

The Boy Phil

Outside, trees are lit up

The marquee has filled up

Suey's got a scone

Back home, we eat some very late Christmas pudding

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It's Chinese New Year in Diss, outside the Corn Hall