Family History: The 1940s and 1950s - 24th January 2020

The definitive collection of family photos: this set is loosely from the 1940s and 1950s (with the odd one from the 20s) and mostly shows great-grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts in the Lancashire town of Rawtenstall and thereabouts.

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Elsie (right) with a baby Margaret - 1924

Joseph and Margaret's wedding, 1946

The wedding

Joseph and Margaret cut the cake

Joseph and Margaret, with Raff as a puppy, Rawtenstall


John and Elsie

The baby Janet, 1947

A family group

Janet as a baby, with the family

Janet and her two grandfathers

Janet in the pram with Christine

Margaret and Elsie stride about in Southport

Joseph and Margaret

Margaret and a screaming Janet

Janet toddles around


Neil in a pram

A family gravestone



Janet on the beach at Southport


Neil looks grumbly

Janet and Judith visit Santa

Janet in a sandpit

Janet in a communion dress


A family friend with the two girls

Neil in a stream

Janet and Judith

Margaret and a baby

Neil in a perambulator


Unknown in a Lancashire garden




A gang of children play outside

Judith and Janet

Neil again

On the beach at Southport


Mystery baby


Raff the dog

Janet on the beach

Judith toddles down the street

Margaret and Judith


Margaret with Judith, Janet and Neil

The three children

Janet, Neil and Judith, 1956?

Janet, aged 14?

Judith, Neil and Janet at what looks like Danesbury Avenue, 1959?

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Elsie (right) with a baby Margaret - 1924