Family History: Raven Road, Timperley, Altrincham - 24th January 2020

It's the early seventies and we've gone from Knutsford to Raven Road in Timperley, where Nosher's at Heyes Lane school but walks home after the first bell on the first day thinking it's the end of school. It's also the house where Rupert the Siamese cat eats all the goldfish out of the pond, Sis cycled through the greenhouse aged four, and we get our first colour television.

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In the back garden at Raven Road, and the greenhouses

Nosher points at the camera

On a tricycle in the back garden

Nosher's got his favourite panda teddy

Nosher in a sou'wester, with granny, whilst Sis shrieks

Sis and Nosher in the paddling pool

In the paddling pool, Raven Road

In the paddling pool

Nosher mows the lawn with a pair of scissors

Rupert the cat

On the trike

Nosher in Heyes Lane uniform, with Sis and possibly Danielle

Nosher and Sis

Rupert the Siamese in the back of dad's Hillman Hunter

Sis, Nosher and Mother

Blowing bubbles

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In the back garden at Raven Road, and the greenhouses