New Year's Day on the Ling, Wortham, Suffolk - 1st January 2020

We manage to haul our asses out of the house for at least a bit, with a walk around on Wortham Ling, just outside Diss and metres from the Norfolk border.

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Harry leaps about

More running about

A path disappears into the Ling

A ravaged gorse bush

Fred's got a big stick

A six-bar gate to a misty field

Fred has a go on the rope swing

Harry observes from his tree-root base

A skull has been carved into the tree bark

There's the tantalising remains of some brick 'tank'

Disappearing graffiti

Skeletal tree fingers reach for the sky

Branches merge into sedges in a tangle of nature

A murky reflection of trees

A decayed stump

The rot has set in

The overgrown Waveney, which marks the Norfolk/Suffolk border

The incongruous sight of an old wooden tennis racquet in the undergrowth

Some spectacularly-orange fungus on a tree

The gang stumps off out of the woods

A mix of mud and oak leaves

Isobel checks her phone for geocaches

Harry and Isobel

Harry investigates some sort of gnarled gorse stump

A bloom of lichen, like snow

Lichen looks like it could be a winter forest from the air

This bit of the Ling looks like the mounds of Grime's Graves

Harry and Fred

Cracked tarmac

Fred's in the road

Harry and Isobel wander back to the car

Fred and Harry do the Minecraft augmented-reality thing

There's a dinosaur by the garage

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Harry leaps about