Fred and Harry open an early present each

Fred and Harry open an early present each

Fred's got a new book

Harry's got a Christmasaurus book

Fred wanders up a damp Mere Street

Uncle Mick does his thing outside Boots

It's crazy busy in Browne's the butchers

Richard and Dan on the go

The former Hopgoods is vacant again

The police van cruises around the marketplace

Another vacant shop

Mere Moments café has closed up

Another couple of closures

Wet paviers on Mere Street

There's a fire engine on Mere Street

Harry and Isobel in Morissons

It's officially Christmas with a brass band

Fred and Matthew set up

A bit of practice occurs

Matthew checks music

Fred blows on his flute

Fred checks his notes

Harry's dressed up as a king

The church looks like it's bathed in a warm glow

St. Nicholas church, lit up

Skeletons of trees

The nave of Oakley church, before the crowds arrive

Harry with a paper crown on

A Christmas-tree pine cone

Harry is persuaded to play the part of a king

Harry chats to a fellow 'three kings'