A Christingle Service, St. Nicholas Church, Oakley, Suffolk - 24th December 2019

Fred and his friend Matthew are playing in a Christingle service at St. Nicholas Church in Oakley, but before that - as it's Christmas Eve - the boys get to do their slef-imposed new tradition of opening a present. Then, Nosher and Fred are off to a damp Diss to pick up the Christmas meat from Browne's

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Fred and Harry open a present, even though it's not Christmas Day yet

Fred's got a new book

The Christmas tree

Fred wanders up a damp Mere Street

Uncle Mick is once again doing his thing outside Boots

It's crazy busy in Browne's the butchers

Richard and Dan on the go

Dipple and Conway had moved up the street, so the former Hopgoods is vacant again

Another vacant shop

Mere Moments café has closed up

Another couple of closures

There's a fire engine outside M and Co.

Harry and Isobel in Morissons

It's official Christmas now that there's a brass band playing in Morissons

Fred and Matthew set up

A bit of practice occurs

Matthew checks music

Fred checks his notes

The church looks like it's bathed in a warm glow, from outside at least

St. Nicholas church, lit up

Skeletons of trees

The nave of Oakley church, before the crowds arrive

Harry is actually persuaded to play the part of a king

A pine-cone christmas tree

Harry chats to a fellow 'three kings'

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Fred and Harry open a present, even though it's not Christmas Day yet