A Spot of Christmas Shopping, Norwich, Norfolk - 23rd December 2019

Nosher and Harry head up to Norwich to soak up the atmosphere and do a bit of Christmas shopping. Before that though, we're stuck in Thrandeston for a bit because a bulk hauler tractor has driven off the concrete bridge to the sheds near Dairy Farm, and a teleporter is helping to pull it out. Then, we're off to Gaz and Sandie's for some food and beer

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The stricken bulker hauls itself out of the ditch

St. Nicholas Street in Diss

Round Gaz and Sandie's

Harry looks up

Gaz says something

Gaz is on the phone

Wooden spoons on London Street, Norwich

Some opera singers do some busking

The milling crowds

More opera

A massive pile of sprouts-on-a-stick

The now-pedestrianised Westlegate in Norwich

John Lewis has lots of sparkly things dangling from the ceiling

Harry in the John Lewis café

Harry's amazed to see four lots of Kung Fu Panda at once

The Christmas-tree department

Looking back to the top of Westlegate

The late-1940s Debenham's building

Blood riders do a collection on Gentleman's Walk

There's some crazy dancing to a skiffle band

The Misfit Collective 'skifflegrass' band outside Lloyds bank

Upper Goat Lane

A newspapered-up shop

The old Pottergate Tavern is looking a bit run down

Stickers on a post, in the sun

Harry considers a big line of coats for the homeless

Bikes and coats

Nosher's sign from around 1991 is still going

Harry in Cooke's sheet-music department

Harry looks at flutes and violins

Tesco outside Norwich has an epic potato and carrot mountain going on

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The stricken bulker hauls itself out of the ditch