Illuminated Christmas presents in Bury

Illuminated Christmas presents in Bury

The carousel trundles around

Hanging clothes on a street market stall

The Saturday market in Bury St. Edmunds

Another vacant shop

Fred and Harry, who looks a bit hyper

A fake Christmas tree in Pizza Express

Abbeygate Street in Bury

Some furious quizzing occurs in the School quiz

A game of 'heads and tails' occurs

Serious quizzing

There's a good turnout

Non-winning raffle tickets mop up a Prosecco spill

More heads and tails

An odd notice in the toilet, likely aimed at Harry

A parting image is left

Eye school's painted sheep

Heading off into the night

Church Street by night

Driving up Lambseth Street

Isobel's home-grown mushrooms are ready to eat

Boris looks unimpressed

Boris - Stripey Cat - at the table

Millie the Mooch

All that remains of the most-recent Eye Post Office

An old plough on Victoria Hill

Plough blades look like a bird of prey

Two of the Eye airfield wind turbines

Millie stares out of a window

Invisible Cat in black and white

Millie the Mooch on a windowsill