Mandy, Cathy and Josephine

Mandy, Cathy and Josephine

Isobel talks to Judith, from Geneva

Bruno hangs around

The wedding venue - a nice barn next to the pub

An old mangle with 'just married' on it

Fred roams around outside the barn

Mandy and Bruno wander over from the pub

Sis gets a hug from Neil

The car arrives as half the guests are missing

Martina and the dress

The Cheadle gang

David - the ring-bearer

Fred looks up

Martina walks in

At the altar

Vows are done

Rings are exchanged

The signing of the register

It's a full-on paparazzi moment

After the event

Martina and Neil have a glass of fizz

There's a pose by the car - a purple MG BGT

Confetti is hurled around

An adjustment is made

Sitting out in the garden

David and Fred do a bit of Jenga

The Irish massive at the bar

A group photo

Martina and Neil

The Instagram girls appear

Quality scowling

A rare photo of Nosher

The Instagrammies do their thing

A group photo occurs

Cathy and Sis

The guests sit down for dinner

Fred's art the head of the queue for food

Neil comes over to chat to Cathy and Sis

Cathy and Sis exchange phone details

The cake is cut

Neil does a speech

A toast occurs

The best man does a speech

Fred plays Molly Malone on flute

There's a big round of applause for the flute piece

Not much has changed in 30 years

There are deer on the old Harrow Vineyard site

A tree where the vineyard used to be

The purple MG

Mingling in the gathering dusk

The boys mess around as the disco is constructed

Chatting outside under the lights

The first dance

Wedding dancing

Hands up

It's unexpected to see Uncle Neil dancing

A brotherly hug

More wedding dancing

The Instagrammers have taken a hilarious photo

Outside, Harry, David and Fred are doing Lego

Martina waves a glass around

The boys are watching something on a phone

Isobel and Sis outside

Disco lights

Judith and Bruno have a dance

Sis, Cathy, Mandy and Isobel

Harry chats to people

Sis gets a hug from Cathy