Up on the Roof: a Hydroponic City Farm, Kingston Street, Paddington - 3rd September 2019

Word on the street is that there's a hydroponic farm up on the roof of the 2 Kingston Street office block in Paddington - Nosher's office when in London. And so a small work trip is arrange to see what's up. But first, the BSCC is off to Star Wing Brewery tap room in Redgrave, for a Thursday evening ride

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Paul looks at notices

Star Wing's 1877 sign

The Star Wing tap room, and our bikes

Phil and Paul

Up on the roof in Paddington

The smaller of two experimental sheds

Lots of 'micro greens' growing on shelves

The dude shows us how the vertical columns are planted

Some explaining occurs

Shoes off in the bigger shed

Lots of basil grows vertically

Adrian roams around in the purple light

We try to get some answers about running costs

The Microsoft SwiftKey posse

Square Mile Farms, on the roof

We head off back to the office

Waiting for the lift

Down in Bayswater, there's a lot of chimney pots on one stack

This is apparently the UK's first ever coin-op laundrette

Ben and Nik head off back up Bayswater Road

The bar of the Yaxley Cherry Tree

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Paul looks at notices