Out on the cricket pitch

Out on the cricket pitch

Fred does some bowling

There's some kind of aeroplane thing happening

Wavy has a beer outside the Cricket Club

There's a ball in mid air

More bowling action

Oak's in bat

The fire engine squeezes up the lane

The engine is parked

Hoses are unrolled

The crew unwind the hosepipe

The hose is unleashed

All watery hell breaks loose

A hose snakes all over the pitch

Oak leaps about

Fred gets a soaking

The fireman keeps the spraying going

A boy gamely takes on the hose

A fireman detatches the jet nozzle

Harry sneaks up from behind

There's a wall of spray

Even the fire-fighters are not immune

Harry, Fred and Oak are properly wet

A fire-fighter sets up a wall of spray

Running around near the spray wall

The spray wall is turned down

A boy vainly fights back with a small squirter

Fred's proud of his overall level of wetness

Some shoes get a fill up with water

The fire fighters pack up the engine

There's a post-water-fight barbeque

There's a cool collection of old lawn rollers

A vintage lawn roller

The barbeque continues