The Sheep Trail, Eye, Suffolk - 20th July 2019

After Saturday's Code Club, we wander around Eye looking for the various painted sheep dotted around the town

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Colin and Jill are in the library looking for DVDs

Harry heads off with the map

The old council offices are now deserted, save for a solitary bible

Fred and Harry by the Pouzauges twinning signpost

Fred points near the blue-and-white ITFC sheep on, near Lambseth Street

Harry grabs the tiger-sheep by the nose

There's a cool skull sheep outside the firestation

Down on Wellington Road, there's a T-800 'terminator' sheep

The now-derelict old Paddock House care home in Eye

The story-time sheep outside the primary school

Harry stands by the Egyptian-looking sheep outside the church

The boys read the wording on Vivaldi the four-seasons sheep

A foliage sheep with bugs on it

A close-up of a ladybird

Some nice re-thatching on Castle Street

Neb-Ewe-La, on Castle meadow

The striking triangle houses round the back of the castle

The boys look in the window of the fabric shop, where there are some mini lambs

Harry looks at the last sheep in the foot shop

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Colin and Jill are in the library looking for DVDs