A derelict shop on Westbourne Grove, Paddington

A derelict shop on Westbourne Grove, Paddington

French-style blocks on Hallfield Estate, Bayswater

The Boy Phil checks his phone outside the Crown

Alan's about for his wedding anniversary

Sylvia roams around

Sylvia, Matthew and Jessica

Marticle and his stripey top

Sylvia, Matthew and Jessica

Jacob and Harry haul their stuff out the boot

Harry can hardly see where he's going

Jacob hauls his very heavy bag around

The boys head off

The Fleece Hotel in Boxford

Little bridges connect houses to the street

A'Tommy' outline is in St. Mary's churchyard

The nave of the church of St. Mary at Boxford

A rather nice modern stained glass window

Some old wall painting in St. Mary's Boxford

A transept at St. Mary's

A cooing dove gives the hairy eyeball

Nice wonky houses in Boxford

An orange house by the Fleece Hotel

The derelict White Hart at Boxford

The old White Hart pub sign

The sad sight of the closed-down White Hart

An old-school garage hasn't turned the sign on yet

Another quaint street in Boxford

A nice big brick-built house

An in-wall GR postbox

The Boxford stores

Another grand house and the Boxford sign

The remains of the old London Road in Washbrook

The old A12 London Road in Washbrook