Taxi Protests and Scarecrows, London and Eye, Suffolk - 8th June 2019

Down in London, Nosher cycles back from work via Parliament Square, hoping to catch some sort of anti-Trump demo. Sadly, Trump's in Portsmouth, so there's not much in that department happening, however there is another taxi blockade going on, as London taxi drivers stage another protest over Mike Brown of Transport for London, who's clearly done something they don't like. Then, the BSCC splinter group ride out to Gissing Crown and the Billingford Horseshoes, on a pleasant summer evening. Finally, Harry and Fred visit the school, where their scarecrows are being exhibited.

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A hundred taxis park up in Parliament Square, outside an unrecognisable Big Ben

Taxi protest occuring

A load of taxi drivers mill around on Whitehall

The statue of Winston Churchill looks on

Boudicca and the London Eye

Down on Queen Elizabeth Street, there's a hen party singing Dancing Queen loudly

The boys outside Gissing Crown

Phil and Marticle

The round tower of Gissing Church

Dog daisies and Gissing houses

The Gissing Crown

Harry points at a scarecrow

The boys wander up to the school entrance

There's a welcome sign out

Harry's scarecrow

Harry looks around

Harry's paper crow, with feet sticking out

A stone ladybird

Fred looks at scarecrows

Harry legs it up Church Street

Harry's got a grumpy face on

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A hundred taxis park up in Parliament Square, outside an unrecognisable Big Ben