A St. George's Day Parade, Dickleburgh, Norfolk - 28th April 2019

Nosher and Fred are in their first actual march with the Gislingham Silver Band, at the Scouts' St. George's Day Parade in Dickleburgh. It turns out to be surprisingly difficult to play an instrument, read music and march all at the same time without crashing into the row in front, plus it's absolutely freezing. But it's an interesting experience and good practice

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The Scouts carry their flags down from the Scout hut

The traffic marshall keeps an eye on things

People assemble at the school

Isoble takes a photo

The Scouts' drummer checks up on arrangements

The Gislingham Silver Band consults on the 'set list'

Nosher and Fred, who's on flute

Nosher and Fred, in the training band, look like a religious cult

The GSB marches off up the road

The band marches through the streets of Dickleburgh

Nosher and Fred go past

Some more Scouts

The procession passes through the graveyard

Various Scouts and Beavers sit down for a presentation

Isobel and Harry

There's a re-enactment of the slaying of the dragon by St. George

The massed crowds behind the church in Dickleburgh

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The Scouts carry their flags down from the Scout hut