Torrecilla Beach and the Nerja Museum, Andalusia, Spain - 17th April 2019

It's day two of our holiday in Nerja, and we get the bus down into the town proper. From the bus stop, we explore Torrecilla beach, before walking around to the Balcon De Europa - apparently the best view ever - and then heading on to a tapas restaurant for a metric tonne of food. This is followed by a trip to the museum of Nerja, after which there's a few minutes for a beer down on Torrecilla beach before we catch the bus back to El Capistrano.

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We walk along the Paseo Martítimo La Torrecilla

Someone's doing yoga on the rocks

The boys check out the spiky plants

Harry runs around

The gang take on the sea

Fred legs it

Isobel's painted toes in the sand

Harry finds something that looks like rotted ginger or galangal on the beach

Spot the dog

Fred inspects a tumble-down tower

Bright pink flower

The word 'xoxi' has been scrawled onto this spiky plant

On the walk to the Balcon

An African woman waits to sell blankets

The Acapulco Playa apartments look more like Alcatraz

The blind covered Calle El Barrio

We buy some cheap leather goods

The gang pose by a statue of King Alfonso XII, on the Balcon De Europa

King Alfonso XII on the Balcon

The boys are on a salvaged canon

Harry looks out to sea

Some street-performer types hang around

Down on the beach, there's a house growing out of the cliff

Our apartment is right at the back

We eat a ton of tapas at La Pulguilla in Nerja

Harry tries to squirt lemon juice into his eye

A comedy chimpanzee on a fridge

The Pulguilla kitchen

On Calle Cristo

The Sevillano on Calle Cristo

Funky tiles somewhere in Nerja

A chunk of stalactite 'waterfall' has been plonked in a street somewhere

A glum looking dog

Building works near the museum

Fred roams around in the Museum of Nerja

Fred seems overly exciting to be trying out a Maquis rifle

Harry has a go with a rifle

The boys meet the ancestors

A 'skellington'

On the stairs

There are lots of shop units to rent in the white elephant that is Plaza De España

Funky pebble street

Isobel outside the Chiringuito Torrecilla 3 restaurant/bar

Beer barrels

The sea tries to weep away some beach parasols

Harry and Fred dig a hole in the beach

Harry comes over to our table

Fred almost gets washed away by a freak wave

Back on the bus

At the bus stop, there's an epic dangly-phallus-shaped flower

Fred, Isobel and Harry at the bus stop

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We walk along the Paseo Martítimo La Torrecilla