SwiftKey's Ten Year Anniversary Reunion, Selwyn College, Cambridge - 11th January 2019

SwiftKey was founded in Ben's shed in 2008, before moving to the Oasis Centre on Kennington Road in North Lambeth, then Linton House on Union Street in Southwark followed by a short move up the road to Southwark Bridge Road, before being bought by Microsoft in 2016 and being shifted way over there to the wilderness of Paddington. During that time, upwards of 170 staff had come, gone or are still there, and so it was a good opportunity to get some of them back together on the event of the ten year anniversary, held at Selwyn College in Cambridge. Nosher gets an early start by hot-desking at Microsoft Research for the day, which being near the railway station is only a 10 minute taxi ride to the base for the night - the Premier Inn on Newmarket Road

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The 'hot desk' at Microsoft Research

The grand piano in reception is actually being played

The MSR piano was a gift from a head of research or something

Past and present SwiftKeyers fill the Senior Common Room. Arpi looks over

The two Alexes in conversation

Paul chats whilst Ryan looks surprised

David and Richard

Anita grabs a passing canapé

Adrian looks animated

Co-founder Jon reads a speech

A toast to ten years of SwiftKey

The dinner gong is sounded (loudly)

Selwyn College's dining hall

SwiftKey files in for dinner

Dom and Alex

A full dining room

Ben talks to one of the original investors

Some serious gurning occurs

There's a sort-of open-mic session

Ben kicks off the anecdote sessions

Neil MacD takes a selfie

The room waves

The reunion moves into the Students' Union bar

Selwyn College Court

More conversation in an over-crowded bar

The marble dude has the room back to himself

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The 'hot desk' at Microsoft Research