The SwiftKey Reunion Brunch, Regent Street, Cambridge - 12th January 2019

It's the morning after the SwiftKey Ten Year Reunion, and although Nosher left before midnight because the bar was too crowded and so missed out on the case of Port that was exhumed from behind the bar because everything else had run out, it still felt early enough for a 10:30 meet at the Old Bicycle Club café on Regent Street - up until 2013 the site of Howes Cycles, which had been there for 173 years and from where Charles Darwin once allegedly purchased a bicycle. As with the Selwyn College bar, slightly too many people have to cram in to the venue, and so it takes a fair while to get everyone sorted. However, the place does serve what appears to be the largest Croque Madame toasted sandwiches known to mankind. After brunch (or actual lunch in reality by the time it happens), Nosher wanders up to town to visit Fopp Records and go up the tower of Great St. Mary, near King's Parade.

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The Premier Inn on Newmarket Road certainly has all the best views

The University Arms on the edge of Parker's Piece has been nicely done up and partly rebuilt

The famous Reality Checkpoint on Parker's Piece, marking the boundary between the student world and real life

in the Old Bicycle Shop, bike parts have been neatly transformed into hunting trophies

Yuha and Gareth

Nick S, left, chats

Menus are inspected

The crowded upstairs room

There are even some babies about

Tom and the two Adams

Ruth and her baby

The world's largest Croque Madame is inspected

Jon's boy looks to escape out of the window

Yu-Ting chats to Coffey

The Old Bicycle Shop on Regent Street

Christ's College's entrance has been restored and properly blinged up

Cambridge bike chaos on Sidney Street

The four K6 phoneboxes and a bit of Great St. Mary

La Raza - home to many Taptu parties - is still going

The Le Creuset shop has made an interesting display with casserole lids

Gonville and Caius College is open to visitors

The Caius Clock, with the Senate Building behind it

The Caius chapel

Gonville and Caius Court

The view of the Cambridge market from the top of the church tower

Looking up Trinity Street

The 'Old Schools' and the Senate Building

King's College, and King's Parade

Graffiti in the church tower

The bells of Great St. Mary

The nave of Great St. Mary church

Shoppers on Sidney Street

Back on Mill Road, and H Gee continues to look (more) derelict as its owner is 'away'

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The Premier Inn on Newmarket Road certainly has all the best views