Christmas in Spreyton, Devon - 25th December 2018

We're down in Devon to hang with Grandma J in Spreyton for a few days over Christmas. On the way down, we do the traditional stop-off, this time at Taunton, even though the roads are fairly clear and we had tons of time to spare

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There's a bit of a pre-Christmas opening spree before we leave for Devon

The boys get some tee-shirts and massive box of Tayto crisps from the Dublin aunties

Harry gets an artist set

On the way, we pass the Stoke Ash White Horse, which someone has inconveniently driven into

The toilets of the Beafeater are in an odd place

Harry looks around

Fred's hiding on the floor

Fred and Harry

We walk over for breakfast

Harry offers a cracker

Fred and Isobel pull a cracker

Harry inspects the breakfast offering

Comedy cow plates

There's a big 'hello' made out of artificial grass

The gang walks back to the Taunton East Premier Inn

Fred plays some flute for Grandma J

Grandma J looks on

Isobel wanders across an empty car park to the Spreyton village shop, which is closed

Isobel in the legendary Tom Cobley Tavern

Winter trees in the churchyard

A spine and rib-cage of cobbles

The church has had some work done on the roof which highlights the mediaeval beams

The Tom Cobley

Harry and Fred

Fred and Isobel play cards

The boys are excited by their puddings

The gang in the Tom Cobley

Wandering back up to Grandma J's in the mist

The boys start on their presents

Fred shows something he's got

The story of Widdecombe Fair, as Nosher and Isobel sneak in a cheeky pint at the Cobley

Isobel takes a photo of the moss on the roof of the pub's porch

Dew on some moss

An interesting Devon shed

The misty lane up to the pub

Isobel roams around outside Grandma J's

Isobel sets up for Christmas dinner

Harry in the dining room

Fred's made a dinosaur

Time for Christmas dinner

Dinner is in full swing

The Christmas pudding is on fire

Fred's fake moustache and hat spookily echo his tee-shirt

Grandma J and an incognito Fred

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There's a bit of a pre-Christmas opening spree before we leave for Devon