The St. Nicholas Street Fayre, Diss, Norfolk - 9th December 2018

St. Nicholas Street in Diss - a nice part of the town but sometimes overlooked on account of its slighty-off-the-main-high-street location - holds something of a street fair in order to boost its presence. As it turns out, there's a good attendance with people milling around Norfolk and Cobb's Yards, whilst Isobel's choice - Invidia Voices - does it's thing.

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There's ab upright piano outside the Greyhound pub

The choice does a warm up

Harry and Fred on a fire escape

Harry in the sweet shop

Fred and Harry are like, er, kids in a sweet shop, as they roam around Claire's Sugarcraft

The blues band 'Hot Cold Ground' get warmed up on the steps of the Corn Exchange

The children dance around like lunatics

The choir singing in Norfolk Yard

Isobel does an 'oooh'

People mill around Norfolk Yard

Fred's got tinsel

We have a poke around Cobb's Yard

Organ grinder on St. Nicholas Street

A band of Ukulele players moves in opposite Amandine's

Ukulele playing

Harry outside the Corn Exchange

Hot Cold Ground blues band are still doing their thing

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There's ab upright piano outside the Greyhound pub