Open-top Buses and a Day at the Museum, New York, United States - 22nd October 2018

It's our first day into Manhattan itself, and we sign up to one of those open-top hop-on-hop-off bus tour things. Our first chosen stop is at the Museum on Natural History on Central Park West, near to the Ghost Busters building and putative location of the film Night at the Museum - a favourite of the boys and thus sepcifically requested by them. After that, we eat a hotdog and then cross over Central Park, via the turtle pond and an ice cream, before re-joining the bus and heading back to mid-town. We then - after some difficultly thanks to lack of mobile signal - meet up with Phil in his office near the top of the Rockerfeller Center, a location with one of the best office-window views ever, before finally getting the subway back to Pen Station and the train back to Millburn.

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This is Fred's actual sleeping position in the boys' room

We eat some left-over pizza for breakfast

Harry swings about

Harry and Fred play a bit of 'soccer'

Millburn main street

The gang on the train, leaving Millburn for Penn Station

Our first view of Manhattan, outside Penn Station on 7th Avenue

One of the iconic stripey vents from the ConEdison steam heating system

A hotdog stand is hauled around

A busy 7th Avenue

Seedy cinema

Old building with some interesting detail, on the corner of West 43rd and 7th

Fruit stall and graffiti

Statues look out onto the street

Nice old building with lots of balconies

The statue of Teddy Roosevelt, outside the American Museum of Natural History

Cool dinosaur skeleton in the entrance lobby

Fred looks at some shells

A nice skeleton of a woolly mammoth


A giant Blue Whale

Fred and Harry on the rocks in Central Park

Central Park road

A Blue Jay

Time for ice creams

People lean over the fence to watch the turtles in the lake. Harry's not bothered

Nice building on the east of Central Park

Fred leaps about

One or two signs on the street

Fred and Harry outside the Met

Pigeons on a traffic light

A very bright gold statue

Sometimes the tiny details can be interesting

Looking down to Times Square

The famous Radio City Music Hall

The view from Phil's office window

The gang look out onto Manhattan

The Empire State Building

Looking towards Brooklyn

Funky mosaic at the bottom of the Rockerfeller Center

Times Square

Phil piles through the turnstyle in the subway

Back at Millburn station

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This is Fred's actual sleeping position in the boys' room