An Optimistic Camping Weekend, Waxham Sands, Norfolk - 22nd September 2018

It's the last camping outing for the van for the season, and we're at Waxham Sands - the camp site out of the 1980s or earlier but which is in a prime spot on the edge of the dunes on the east Norfolk coast - where it's also the campsite's last weekend of the year. It's not exactly tropical as the wind has moved around to the north west, but we battle through it and get a nice day on the beach and a few beers in the Nelson Head at Horsey. Sunday's a wash-out though, so we leg it early after breakfast.

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Andrew gets the bike pump out

Clive 'Chickens' peeps out from his bedroom window

Ben the dog looks folornly out of the back of a car

Chris stumps off into the dunes

Absolutely classic 1980s (maybe even 1970s) camping toilet block

It's chilly at breakfast

Part of our camping commune

Isobel and the boys head off to the beach

Harry's got a body board

Harry and Fred pose in their wetsuits from New Milton Tesco

There's a massive bear print on the beach

Harry drags his board around

The almost-empty beach at Waxham

Isobel looks around

Fred practices a bit of body boarding in the calm of a lagoon

Harry digs a boat out of the sand

Harry draws a massive line in the sand

Beach bags and guff

Harry's digging more holes

Harry's spade-based artwork is complete

A flock of geese practice their migration patterns

Isobel gets the tea on

It's not exactly packed at Waxham, but there are still a few people around

Sea thistle

A caravan gets towed away for the winter

Sophie and Fred havr got blue tongues

Time for tea in the Nelson Head pub at Horsey

The Nelson Head

A derelict barn

There's a herd of deer in a field at Horsey Gap

A couple of stags

Isobel takes a photo of the deer

Fred and Isobel cycle back - Harry gets a lift

Welcome to the 1980s

The beach in the dusk

Fred hangs over a fence and watches the sea

The children kick sand over the sea wall

Ships on the horizon and everyone looks out to a darkening sea

Isobel walks past with a toch

It's nearly Fred's birthday, so there's a bit of cake

Fred's various birthday cakes

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Andrew gets the bike pump out