The Retro Computer Festival, Centre For Computing History, Cambridge - 15th September 2018

Visiting the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge has been on the list for a while, but an email asking about references to the old Newbury/NewBear company out of the early 1980s from one of the curators leads to an invite to go along to their Retro Computer Day. Fred comes along too, to try out some of the old hardware and vintage computer games. After the nerd-fest, we meet back up with Isobel and Harry in the centre of Cambridge, before an almost-traditional visit to Pizza Express on Jesus Lane for tea.

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Fred plays Pac Man on a VIC-20 - which we have at home anyway, but why not

Fred tries out an epic room-size reconstruction of a CPU

Fred is naturally drawn to the computerised Lego

ET in a Sinclair C5

Possibly the UK's largest collection of Newbury NewBrains - the machine that could have been the BBC Micro

An original Atari Pong - one of the machines which started the video game revolution

Someone lifts the lid of a Commodore 800

A room full of vintage hardware

A bit of Acorn history, featuring the ARM1

A signed BBC Micro, featuring the signatures of Hermann Hauser, Chris Curry, Sophie Wilson, Steve Furber and Andy Popper

Sinclair's MK-14

Fred uses an actual - and very rare - working laserdisc version of the 1980s Domesday Project

In a recreation of a late 1970s office

More geeks

There's a working Altair 8800

Fred is fascinated by a punched tape reader

A version of Joseph Weizebaum's legendary Eliza, on punched tape in Altair Basic

Fred roams around

Fred plays Chuckie Egg on a BBC Micro

Fred in the car park, as the train from Ipswich rumbles past

Fred climbs on a sculpture outside Carluccio's in Cambridge

Isobel and Harry return from some sort of shopping spree

Posters outside the Corn Exchange

There's the usual chaos going on outside King's College

Funky entrance to a nightclub

Harry and Isobel in Pizza Express on Jesus Lane

Harry in Pizza Express

On Jesus Lane

The boys on All Saints Passage

All Saints Garden craft market looks very autumnal

The entrance to Trinity College chapel on St. John's Street

On Trinity Street

The main entrance to Trinity College

Trinity Lane

Punts on the Cam

There's still some late-season punting to be had

Clare College

There's some sort of Chinese photo-shoot going on down Senate House Passage

Some sort of photo-shoot and a fake wedding or something

Metal sculpture outside Great St. Mary's

There's a herd of sponsored walkers down near Corn Exchange Street

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Fred plays Pac Man on a VIC-20 - which we have at home anyway, but why not