Hot Summer Days, Diss and London - 24th July 2018

We're in Spice Cottage in Diss for a curry, then it's off to work in a parched London, before a thirst-quenching stop at the Yaxley Cherry Tree.

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Harry has an interesting 'hands free' approach to eating poppadums

Harry and Isobel

The gang on Market Place, Diss

Mere Street and Market Place, Diss

Harry definitely needs a hair cut

The grass is dead in Hyde Park

It's Hack Week in the Paddington office

Hacking away

Lunch time down on floor 7

On West Carriage Drive, Hyde Park, the people who keep captive city horses as pets take them for a walk

The Serpentine is heaving

It's a pedalo-fest on the Serpentine

It's too hot to sit in deck chairs anyway

The flags are out on The Mall, looking up towards Admiralty Arch

There's a Hurdy-Gurdy player down at the Cherry Tree

Folk night in the Tree

The dude from America stands up to play

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Harry has an interesting 'hands free' approach to eating poppadums