Diss Fest '18, The Park, Diss, Norfolk - 22nd July 2018

2017's Diss Fest was memorable for the lashing rain, whilst 2018's was memorable for the long hot summer, second only to that of 1976. Once again, Isobel's choir - Invidia Voices - is doing its thing in the Pagoda on Diss Park

next album: Hot Summer Days, Diss and London - 24th July 2018
previous album: A Postcard from the Castle on the Hill, Framlingham, Suffolk - 14th July 2018

The Park in Diss has never looked so parched in living memory

Harry on the swing

The choir shelter from the sun under the roof of the public bogs

Another choir does its thing first

A duck waddles about in a rare patch of green grass

Fred and Harry in the grass close to the Mere, where it's kept damp enough to stay green

Looking over the Mere towards Chapel Street

Fred tells Harry to be quiet

Boo to a goose

A fisherman takes a nap

A moorhen shows off its absurd feet

What's that coming over the hill, is it a choir?

One man and his dog

The choir is set up

People assemble to watch

The choir is introduced

Isobel (centre) gives it some

The choir do their thing

Fred, Sophie and Grace

A bench full of audience

Sophie leaps into the air

Fred and Sophie do 'The Floss'

Now it's time to 'dab'

Pink tutu

The grandly-named 'event team' hand out balloons

There's more singing

Grace joins in the jumping

Mrs Nylk (right), one of Fred's former teachers, is in the audience

Sophie's funky shoes

The choir meets up after the event

Some prosecco is handed out

Isobel has some fizz

Fred hangs on to a bar

The bass section gets together

Some more singing breaks out

Meanwhile, Grandad plonks himself in the middle of the parched grass on his new zimmer-wheels

The children wait for tea down at the Oaksmere

Tilly Dog looks baleful

Pippa and Apple John happen by

Harry and the Pirate Ship

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The Park in Diss has never looked so parched in living memory