The Lord Mayor's Parade, Eye, Suffolk - 24th June 2018

It's the Lord Mayor's parade in Eye, and this year it's Harry's turn to march around as part of Beavers. Before that, there's a 28-mile round trip bike ride to the Hopton Vine. Oh, and the the bizarre "installation" made of barrels is finally floated into position on the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London, after several months in the making - as seen on the way to work.

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After several months' construction, the bizarre floating barrel 'art installation' is positioned in the Serpentine at Hyde Park

Marticle's at the bar at the Hopton Vine

The Vine at Hopton

Paul and Gaz at the bar

Gaz and Paul and the evening sun, contra jour

Harry's playing in Eye Library again

Harry outside the library

The old Paddock House care home has got a nice carpet of flowers going on

An interesting old wall

Fred and Harry roam around

The nice little Spanish ceramic shop - La Casa Azul - is closing down

Fred and Harry run around outside the bakery in Eye

As soon as Fred has saved more than a couple of quid, he's duty bound to buy some Lego with it

Harry looks grumpy as his Beavers group assembles

The various Beavers/Cubs/Scouts/Rainbows/whatever assemble outside the fire station

The Gislingham Silver Band gets ready for the off

A euphonium player gives the hairy eyeball

The Scout/Guides posse march up Lambseth Street

Harry's gang

The silver band reach the town hall

The parade awaits

A dude with a top hat and a big mace

The great and the good march on

The new mayor waves

The parade marches up Church Street

The flag is carried in

Harry's all incognito

The various flag bearers

A couple of musicians pause

Meanwhile, whilst Harry's in the church, we wander off for a bit

Yellow flowers prove attractive for flying insects

The gang come back down from a trip to Eye Castle

A nice, if dusty, old car outside the church

The new mayor comes out of the church

The Bish shakes hands with the mayor

It's almost like the aftermath of a wedding

This dude knows some awesome ninja moves with his dual maces

The Beavers mill around outside the church

The band gets its freak on

The mayor gives the Scouting Salute to the parade

This dude looks like he's quite literally pooed a euphonium out

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After several months' construction, the bizarre floating barrel 'art installation' is positioned in the Serpentine at Hyde Park