Harry looks grumpy as his Beavers group assembles

Harry looks grumpy as his Beavers group assembles

Fred hangs around with the Scouts

Scouts and Beavers assemble by the fire station

The Gislingham Silver Band assembles

A marshall keeps the band in check

Terry gets ready to lead the GSB off

The Gislingham Silver Band marches

A euphonium player gives the hairy eyeball

The Scout/Guides posse march up Lambseth Street

Harry's trying to be incognito

The Scouts follow up at the rear

The band passes the war memorial

The Guides and Scouts pause

The Sejgeant at Mace has the Mayoral mace

The great and the good of Eye

The Mace Bearer chats

More chatting before the parade moves off

The MAyoral Massive movess of

The new mayor waves

An academic type, and blokes in suits

Another mace bearer, with two small maces

Harry's still in shades

Harry waves discreetly from the pack of Beavers

The GSB dummers head past the other Co-op

The silver band heads up Church Street

The parade marches up Church Street

The flag reaches the church

Harry in disguise

A guard of honour forms outside the church

Merlin, a former mayor of Eye, strides past

All the flag bearers

A couple of musicians pause

Fred lurks in the graveyard

We wander off whilst Harry's in the church

Isobel roams around in the Blue Shop

Yellow flowers prove attractive for flying insects

The gang come back down from a trip to Eye Castle

An enticing broken, but free, washing machine

A nice, if dusty, old car outside the church

Adrian, the band leader, waits outside the church

Isobel, Fred and the gang hang out by the church

The flag bearers come out after the service

The Bish shakes hands with the mayor

A photo of the mayor is taken

It's a bit like after a wedding

Ninja moves with dual maces

The Beavers mill around outside the church

A small crowd follows the parade up Church Street

Terry leads the band up Castle Street

The band gets its freak on

The Gislinghma Silver Band passes the White Lion

The mayor gives the Scouting Salute to the parade

Tins of Cadbury's Heroes are handed out

It's a melée of different groups by the town hall

This dude looks like he's pooed a euphonium out