Quizzes and Library Books: a February Miscellany, Diss and Eye - 10th February 2018

A round-up of a few camera-phone photos, as well as the first snow of February, a quiz in Diss, and a trip to the library

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Harry and Boris

Nosher has a go at home-made 'inside out' sushi

A closed-down beauty parlour in Diss

Another lost pub: The Crown in Diss

Fred in his Roman costume

The first of the February snow down at Diss station

Man-mountain David sees away the Norwich train

The food stalls are out again at Sheldon Square in Paddington

Martina and Wavy at the DC3 quiz

A quiz occurs, in which we finish fourth (but only a few points off second)

Isobel and The Boy Phil play pool

A 1972 clock in Brome village hall

There's an elephant outside Eye library with a load of story characters on it

Harry reads a book in Eye library

Isobel and Harry on Church Street in Eye

A car wash does its thing

Harry's not keen on the massive whirling car-wash brushes

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Harry and Boris