A Return to Thornham Walks, Suffolk - 4th February 2018

It's been ages since we'd been to Thornham Walks, so we put that right with a walk around the woods, plus a bit of den-building

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Harry and Fred on the 'throne'

Fred's a tree

Fred and Harry walk off through the woods

Isobel strokes a tree

The gang in a den

Isobel and Harry next to the den give it some scale

We build a smaller den nearby

Walking back to the pet cemetery

Fred rides the dragon

Harry's on the crocodile

Bracket fungus on a silver birch tree

a recently fallen-down tree has been humorously carved into an old man

Morag the pony

Fred spins around

Harry's a blur as he spins the roundabout

Morag the pony proves popular

The skeletons of winter trees

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Harry and Fred on the 'throne'